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Isot is the name of a type of pepper grown native to Şanlıurfa. It is also the name given to the dried pepper identified with Şanlıurfa province in the region.
The most important factor in isot production is solar energy. Hot peppers are removed from the seeds in flat areas exposed to the sun and left to dry on a clean ground. Dried pepper collected on the first day turns red and on the third day turns black.
Dried peppers, which take the color of black, are poured into isot by adding olive oil and some salt.
• It increases the body temperature and enables the metabolism to work faster. It is helpful in losing weight.
• It is good for skin.
• It is effective in rheumatism and upper respiratory tract infections.
• It strengthens the body's defense system against infectious diseases.
• It has antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Anti-aging effects have been identified through research.
• It helps to reduce excess fat and cholesterol in the body with its digestive facilitating feature.
• It has gas and diuretic properties.
• In studies performed, positive effects against cancer cells were observed.