Import and Export

Importation and exportation

Selling your goods and services to foreigners is putting money into the country and exporting. Think of the economy as a house interior. If air and water do not enter the house from outside, the contents of this house will consume the resources they have and there will be trouble inside. The need of the country in exports is to supply the goods and services produced from outside.
Export basically seems difficult psychologically and commercially. However, it is the opposite. Contrary to what you think, it is difficult to have a product or service accepted to 70 million people with other competitors in the country or to fight your competitors with your market conditions.
In foreign trade, you will have to convince the company that will distribute your product or service to the country, which you must convince when you sell your goods to the country. This knowledge and technology-based research will save you time and money. All you have to do is access this information.
After this stage, what needs to be done is to contact these buyers and explain ourselves. When this language of expression and quality meets our service, there is no reason why we should not export as we conduct our trade in basic ethical rules.
It requires discipline as in every job in export. It requires continuity. It is possible with the delivery of the desired product and the desired service as promised.
There is no such thing as Turkish brands being stuck only in the domestic market. of food in Turkey's presence in both regional and global dimensions.
Serper Gıda exports all products it produces.