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Sumac is a plant that belongs to the pistachio family. Sumac spice is formed as a result of grinding the red colored flowers of this plant. Sumac, distinguished from other spices with its distinctive sour taste, is used to color the dishes as well as its taste. It is generally consumed in salads, yoghurt and especially onion in Turkish cuisine.
Southeastern Anatolia in Turkey, in mountainous areas sumac grows in abundance in the Mediterranean and the Aegean region is known as one of the world's most useful spices.
Sumac stands out with its health benefits as well as its flavor.
It contains high amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants.
It protects against cancer.
It regulates the digestive system. It relieves indigestion.
It improves stomach problems.
Sumac makes gum care. Thanks to its antibacterial content, it is good for mouth sores.
Relieves sore throats.
Lowers fever.
Suma has the feature of stopping bleeding in case of accidents.
It is good for urinary incontinence problems.
It balances blood sugar.
Sumac also draws attention to its benefits to the skin. When used as a tonic, it is effective on acne and acne spots. Gives skin a fresh and radiant look.