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Chili Pepper

Besides the good taste of red pepper, it also has many health benefits. Red pepper plays an important role in the secretion of gastric juice in the first place. It helps the digestive system to function properly. Again, red pepper contributes to the development of metabolism and helps to remove the gases that accumulate in the body. Also, paprika helps secretion of happiness hormone. Hot pepper is a source of healing against many diseases and hot pepper, which can be grown all over the world, contains many vitamins, calcium and potassium minerals.
- It protects our body against flu; hot pepper meets the beta carotene that our body needs with a single nutrient and it will be beneficial to consume at least one pepper a day. The hot pepper is very rich in terms of containing vitamin C and thus protects us against diseases by increasing the body's resistance.
-Helps to Relieve Pain That Occurs in Our Body; Capsaicin, the natural ingredient of cayenne pepper, burns our mouth and helps stimulate the nerves when we take it in our mouth. Thanks to this burning stimulation, the nerves soften and the endorphins are secreted in our brain.
- Helps Lower Cholesterol; Thanks to some researches done, it helps someone who consumes chili peppers to decrease triglycerides and thus, bad cholesterol decreases occur.
- Reduces the Risk of Clap Crisis; It contains plenty of vitamin C, beta carotene and antioxidant in hot pepper, so our body is protected against the risk of cancer and heart attack.