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Olive Oil

Olive is a plant of the Mediterranean climate. It is one of the longest living trees in the world and it is a blessed plant because of its praise in the Qur'an. In the Mediterranean basin, man has been benefiting from this plant for millions of years. Every state of the fruit of this plant is different, every state is a good health source. While the grains are green, green olives for breakfast are made and black olives are made after the grains are blackened. Olive oil is obtained by squeezing olive grains.
Serper olive oil offers you olive oil of Hatay and its surroundings. These regional oils have two main differences compared to other places. 1. Olive trees grown in this region are old trees that have not been changed for centuries. 2. Olive tree is the tree of the vegetation of the Mediterranean climate. One of the provinces where the Mediterranean climate is most prominent is Hatay. In this context, sufficient humidity temperature required by the tree will affect the sun and precipitation taste. All of these conditions reveal the flavor and flavor. In this respect, the aroma of Serper oils is strong. In December, the time of harvesting olives, healthy grains are carefully collected and washed. Olive oil is obtained by filtering after mechanically tightening.
In this respect, Serper promises healthy nice meals to the constructions befitting the name of olive oils. Serper, which makes it ideal to offer you reliable and healthy food, is never offered for sale by olive oil tasters without various tests.
Experts of oil;
Taste and
Examines the acid.
The oils that have been approved by these 4 conditions and passed the test successfully are offered for sale.
This sensitivity is the most important indicator of the value given to our customers. You will be one of those who notice the difference at the first time you taste Serper oils.
Offering you a genuine natural olive oil flavor, every meal you will make with Serper olive oils will also delight your guests.