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Pickle Types

When it comes to pickles, almost everyone thinks of a delicious pickled cucumber with a slightly sour taste. Although pickled cucumbers are among the most popular pickle varieties, the number of varieties in this area is above the estimates! Serper offers you the most delicious pickles. In this table, there is a pickle suitable for everyone's taste.
Marinated Turkey's Serbin knows that an indispensable place in the kitchen, offering delicious Turkish-style pickles from each of you. Faithful to the classic recipe developed in Turkey in the Turkish style pickles, salt and plenty of yummy garlic aroma in the foreground. Turkish type mixed pickles, Turkish type cucumber pickles and Turkish type gherkin pickles; It is one of the delicious pickle varieties produced by Serper inspired by this cuisine. Moreover, these pickle varieties can be taken in many different sizes according to the elegance of use and need.