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Sweet Pepper Paste

Did you know that you do not spend your best summer preparing for winter, but your winter food can be at your fingertips at any time? Moreover, rather than additives produced in the factory, they are completely homemade and natural! But do you have any idea how we made these unique flavors of tomato paste and why you should trust us without ever exhausting you?
Homemade Sweet Pepper Paste
First of all, we collect our sweet or sweet peppers grown in the land of Hatay without any damage in September, when they are the most delicious and ripe. After cleaning with great care, we verify our peppers with a fine hand workmanship and we prepare and add our external mortar. Then we prepare these cute jars for you. Finally, we send these jars, which we add our love to, whenever you want and we are happy with the smile on your face. In addition to this tiring adventure, why should you consume Homemade sweet pepper paste; We would like to share with you the benefits and where you can use it: Sweet pepper consumption is a complete defense mechanism especially against cancer. In addition, it has many other benefits such as minimizing the risk of heart attack, resisting excess weight, regulating the immune system and protecting eye health. Most importantly, it can add happiness to your happiness by secreting the hormone endorphin. However, since you cannot eat pure peppers to benefit from all this, consuming it in tomato paste will be both more practical and delicious.
Enjoy Naturalness
So, in which dishes can you use our Homemade Sweet Pepper Paste, which we have prepared carefully for you and we want you to reserve in your cabinets? You can use our sweet pepper paste without blinking in vegetable dishes, yoghurt salads, sauces and of course making menemen. Sweet pepper will provide the most help in losing weight, especially if you add it to your diet and diet. Again, the most practical and delicious version is our unique tomato paste. The life of our tomato sauces is extended up to one year, as long as it is stored in the refrigerator. As long as you store it in the refrigerator, you will not face a problem like mold, deterioration, acidification. Since it does not contain any additives, you should not store it outside the refrigerator. It will make us very happy to be a guest to your homes with our tomato paste you will want to eat once again and to taste your meals without ever tiring you.