Laurel Soap Benefits

Laurel is considered one of the symbols of health and beauty. It is known as one of the most important symbols of Hatay in our country. Bay soap is produced in the district named "Defne" in Hatay. The fruits of the laurel plant are collected in the autumn season and laurel oil is obtained from these fruits. Laurel soap, which is one of the most valuable products of Hatay and its surroundings, is made from laurel oil. In the production of medical drugs and the bay is also used in skin care products, thanks to the miraculous qualities of Hatay it has a significant place both for Turkey. Due to the fact that the fairy Daphne, who fled from the sun god Apollon, turned into a laurel, the laurel tree is also important in terms of health because of its antiseptic feature.
The laurel soap obtained from the fruits of the laurel gives a feeling of cleanliness even from afar with its very pleasant smell. It contains laurel oil, pure olive oil, soap base and distilled water. In addition to being very useful for skin and hair, laurel soap is distinguished from other herbal soaps with its very nice scent.
Bay soap is mostly used in skin care and medicine making. One of the biggest reasons for its use in skin care is its antiseptic structure. Laurel soap, which does not contain any additives, is produced with olive oil and has a lot of benefits for the skin. Therefore, the benefits of laurel soap to the skin are the same as those of olive oil. In short, the benefits of olive oil for the skin are the same as those for laurel soap.
How to Understand Genuine Laurel Soap?
In recent years, some manufacturers have been launching so-called "laurel soap" soaps that do not contain laurel oil and are completely chemical. The easiest way to understand these fake laurel soaps is the price. Because unreal soaps are much cheaper than their originals. Therefore, keep in mind that they may be counterfeit when you encounter low-priced laurel soap.
Another way to find out if the laurel soap is genuine is to look at its fragrance. Because the real laurel soap has a very pungent smell. Also, there should be no other notes in this fragrance except for laurel and olive oil.
* It has the feature of preventing diaper rash in babies.
* It is good for skin irritation and wounds. Helps heal microbial wounds on the skin.
* It opens pores by natural peeling and prevents blackhead formation. It is also effective against acne.
* It prevents fungus formation, if it is formed, it is very useful in healing.
* It heals the wounds that will occur on the hair roots and thus protects the hair health indirectly.
* It helps hair look strong and prevents hair loss.
* It helps cell regeneration and prevents skin irritation.
* It is very effective against varicose veins and very effective in relieving varicose veins.
* It is very useful for dry skin and keeps the skin moist.
* It is very effective in adolescent pimples.
* Men can use it as a shaving soap very comfortably.
* In order to benefit from its pleasant smell, it can be put in closets or between clothes where you store your clothes.
Use of Laurel Soap
Laurel soap can be used to smell clean hair, skin and clothes. Also, it keeps pests away from its location thanks to its smell and content.
If it is used for hair, it should be foamed and applied to the scalp with massage. The scalp should be itchy slightly during application. If used regularly, all the benefits we count for hair will be revealed.